Friday, September 28, 2012

MMEA All-Sate Trombone Audition tips

Here is a set of exercises designed to help high school students prepare to play the J. E. Barat Andante et Allegro for this year's All-State Auditions.

Working on these exercises consistently will develop your chops and improve your playing on the Barat. They also provide examples of a good way to practice: break the music down into chunks so you can focus on one aspect or skill at a time, and improve it.

All the exercises should be played slowly enough to get a great sound at first. Then you can work up to the performance tempo. My favorite recording of this piece is by Carl Lenthe on his CD The Audition Window (Summit Records 354). It's also available on Spotify, iTunes, etc...

Click here to download the PDF 

Here is a click track/metronome audio file that can help you fit together the main theme. It's not necessary to perform the opening theme with a rigid pulse, but it is a helpful way to begin learning the complicated rhythm. You can use this audio file with section 3 of the exercises. It begins with 4 counts of eighth notes—then you can come in at m. 2 of the piece, or any of the exercises in section 3 of the pdf above.

Exercises for the All-State Tuba and Euphonium audition pieces are coming up soon!

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